5 Lamps Offers

5 Lamps offers

Working to help the 5 lamps enterprise centre in Thornaby On Tees. We are proud to offer special deals for those wanting to start their own business or looking for funding to progress there business. This offer is only valid to clients of 5 lamps.

Why 5 lamps?

The 5 lamps have been helping people reach their dreams of been their own boss for many years. Not only do they help to find funding but also have great workshops and they have great support and help for new and existing clients. The 5 lamps also do great networking nights once a month where you can meet potential new customers. The 5 lamps open new doors for you and it’s up to you whether you walk through.

Libracomm Ltd and the 5 lamps

Libracomm Ltd and 5 Lamps are no way connected. We don’t have a verbal or written agreement or contract and we don’t exchange monies for promoting our services. What we do have is an understanding of the potential for our services.

Why the discount?

Libracomm Ltd can generate more customers this way and the more customers we have the more Libracomm Ltd gets noticed. We make very little profit on the discount deals but it’s not just about money to us.

The 5 Lamps Deal

7 Page Website (WordPress)

Domain Name (.co.uk)

Domain Hosting (2 Years)

Web Design

Logo Design

1 MySql Database

Search Engine Optimiser

1 Hour Free Support Per Month

3 Email Addresses

£180.00 (2 Years)

Instalments available upon request and no extra change.

Please give us a call or submit a ticket for more info.