Computer Recycling

Our Recycling Service


Libracomm Ltd offers a free pickup service for broken computer, laptops and mobile phones to be recycled.

Libracomm Ltd believes that it is better to recycle an item rather than it be dumped on landfill sites and extracting more metals from the ground. Our number one goal for this service is to stop this destruction and not to make vast amounts of profit from recycling; this is why we wanted to offer this service to all. We may make a very small profit from recycling but you must take into account the separation of materials and fuel cost. We also get charged for some material that can’t be recycled and we also have to take this into account as well as taxes.

Due to the process of recycling computers and laptops we are not able to offer you any payment for your items but you can be reassure it is being correctly processed.

Our Process for recycling

After we have picked the items up we strip the items down and separate the different material into buckets. For example a hard drive has several metals so we separate them and put each metal in a bucket and we also destroy the data plates within the hard drive so no data can be found or recovered, this is the same process for dvd drives, etc. when the bucket is full we then take it to a recycling centre where we exchange the metal for cash.

All the items that are given for recycling are not sold on as second hand parts at Carboot, Ebay, Facebook, etc.

If you would like more information or question about this service then please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.