Web Services

Website Design, Website  Hosting, Website editing & more. Libracomm Ltd can help.


Libracomm Ltd offers a wide range of services to the public and private sectors in all aspects of web design, hosting and editing.  From a single website to a full online shop, we can help. We use various methods in website design and using platforms such as HTML 4 & 5, WordPress, MySql and PHP5.

Libracomm Ltd have a wide range of packages to suit everyone. By far our most popular package is for people who have no knowledge or who don’t have any time in creating their own website.

Libracomm Ltd also don’t have any hidden cost that we add on just to boost our profits. What you pay for is what you get.


Our system for affordable Web Design & Hosting.

We are able to offer affordable Website Design and Hosting to all. Our system is simple. Every customer must have “Hosted by Libracomm”  or “Created by Libracomm”  in the footer of the website. This then links the customers website back to this website. We hope we will get more customer by people liking your website and wondering how they got it. This then creates potential clients who would like one of our services and the more our portfolio gets bigger. This is also why clients can not move to another provider within the 2 year contract



Q: Why pay for a website when you can get one for free?

A: Free websites are great and are a good tool for learning but you are always limited in what you can do. If you want to sell and promote your business then a free website is not for you. With free websites you are limited in support and most of the time you have to search Google or Forums for answers. At Libracomm Ltd you don’t have to do that, that’s our job.  Potential customers do notice a free website to those who have had one professionally made. If you want people to take you and your business serious and you want a professional look then Libracomm Ltd can help.

Q: I have seen adverts for website for £60.00, Can you beat that price?

A: Don’t be fooled into adverts like this. What they dont tell you is the hidden costs. you could be paying from £20 per hour for tech support. Also are these companies the real thing? and do these people register for stamp and tax? you may also find that its for people with advance knowlage into web site design and editing. Not good for people with no knowlage or with no spare time.